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Olá Hong Kong – Macau Awaits You

20/02/2023 - 31/03/2023
  • 豐富特色餐飲
  • 家庭樂在氶

Taipa Village Destination Limited takes great pleasure in announcing its first-ever promotion dedicated to Hong Kong visitors to Macau. Entitled “Olá Hong Kong – Macau Awaits You”, the campaign invites visitors from the neighbouring city to rediscover the essence of the culturally-rich destination that is Macau and enjoy a sumptuous selection of gastronomy, art, culture and lifestyle experiences.

To celebrate the long-awaited return of Hong Kong visitors and the restoration of pre-pandemic ease of travel, Taipa Village Destination Limited has collaborated with 17 local merchants to provide a generous selection of incentives offering instant dining, shopping and lifestyle privileges. Purchases at designated merchants will entitle Hong Kong visitors to enter a draw to win a free night of luxury accommodation on their next visit to Macau.

The “Olá Hong Kong – Macau Awaits You” Campaign consists of two offers:

Offer 1: Spend to Get Instant Offers

All Hong Kong identity card holders who spend at designated merchants will be entitled to one complimentary instant offer, such as a special Portuguese/Macanese delight, a delicious dessert or a distinctive gift.

Participating merchants and their offers are as follows:

  1.     António: One complimentary snack or starter with any spend. Click here to visit Antonio’s page.
  2.          Tapas de Portugal: One complimentary snack or starter with any spend. Click here to visit Tapas de Portugal’s page.
  3. Barcelona Macau: Complimentary welcome drinks with any spend. Click here to visit Barcelona’s page.
  4.       Goa Nights: Two complimentary house desserts with a minimum spend of Mop 1,000. Click here to visit Goa Nights’ page.
  5.             Lotus Chicken Shop: One complimentary portion of curried fish balls with a minimum spend of Mop 60. Click here to visit Lotus Chicken Shop’s page
  6.             Bella Taipa: One complimentary dessert with a minimum spend of Mop 300.
  7.          Janela Café: One complimentary portion of codfish cakes (four pieces) with a minimum spend of Mop 300. Click here to visit Janela Café’s page.
  8.           Seng Cheong: One complimentary bottle of chili sauce or curry sauce with a minimum spend of Mop 300 (one bottle per table). Click here to visit Seng Cheong’s page.
  9.      TigerBite: One bun combo set per customer at the special price of Mop 88 (original price Mop 120). Click here to visit TigerBite’s page.
  10.            Rooftop Macau: Buy-2-get-1-free offer on purchases of designated coffee. Click here to visit Rooftop Macau’s page.
  11.               Park Coffee: One complimentary dessert with a minimum spend of Mop 50. Click here to visit Park Coffee’s page.
  12.             Bitter Sweet:  One complimentary coffee drip bag on purchases of coffee drip bags with a minimum spend of Mop 300. Click here to visit Bitter Sweet’s page. 
  13.          Joker’s Barbershop: 10% off on hair cut service. Click here to visit Joker’s Barbershop’s page.
  14.            Quarter Square: One complimentary giant cookie with a minimum spend of Mop 100. Click here to visit Quarter Square’s page.
  15.           Naka Shop: One blind box with a minimum spend of Mop 200 and an extra gift upon  a return visit within three years. Click here to visit Naka Shop’s page.
  16.       O-Moon: Instant discount of Mop 30 with a minimum spend of Mop 300. Click here to visit O-Moon’s page.
  17.         Alua E Comidas Portuguesa Kam In: One complimentary box of cookie with a minimum spend of Mop 200. Click here to visit Kam In’s page.


Offer 2:  Complimentary Luxurious Accommodation

To encourage repeat visits to Macau by Hong Kong residents, a lucky draw will be held as an incentive to spend more for greater rewards. When Hong Kong visitors spend a certain amount at designated merchants, they will be invited to register for a draw to win a night of accommodation at one of several luxurious hotels and resorts located among Macau’s UNESCO heritage sites. Collaborating partners include upscale lifestyle hotel the Artyzen Grand Lapa Macau, the recreation-focused Grand Coloane Resort, the one-of-a-kind French-style Sofitel Macau at Ponte 16, and the classic European Harbourview Hotel at Macau Fisherman’s Wharf, all of which are eager to welcome Hong Kong visitors with premium lodging, dining and leisure facilities.


Promotion Period      : 20 February 2023 – 31 March 2023

Location                     : Designated merchants in Taipa Village Macau

Entry Method             : Spend at designated merchants to claim instant offers and register for the lucky draw

Lucky Draw Date       : 3 April 2023

Announcement Date : 4 April 2023 (Taipa Village Facebook, Instagram, Personal Contact)


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