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Alua E Comidas Portuguesa Kam In

Located at Cunha Street, Alua E Comidas Portuguesa Kam In specialises in artisan Macanese pastries with a vision of preserving the most traditional craftsmanship in Macau.   Transforming from the original family-run business, the third-generation descendant Ho Kam In decided to establish this brand in 2011 in order to allow more people to taste the century-old pastries.

Pastries and sweet delicacies dominate the tables of the Macanese community. Besides Genete and Egg Candy, Alua is the typical food for Christmas celebrations. A piece of Alua with a simple shape involves a series of complicated procedure which takes 3 days to complete.  It does not only require a lot of strength to keep stirring the ingredients during the process, but also need to endure the prolonged high temperature.

Embraced with the persistence and belief, different handmade Macanese pastries are presented to the public through the hands of Kam In, promoting and sustaining the value of Macanese gastronomy of Macau intangible cultural heritage.

  • Opening Hours

    Mon – Sun

    10:00 am – 9:00 pm

  • Location

    1-9B Rua do Cunha, Taipa


    +853 2897 4198
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