OldTown, But isn’t Old-Fashioned

“My goal is to create a trendy and sustainable local brand,” says Nic, the owner of OldTown.

Located in a standalone multi-storey building in the heart of Taipa Village, the OldTown concept shop is a hotspot for fashion enthusiasts. The shop is a must-visit treasure trove for those who love street style, featuring a wide selection of international brands including the exclusive trendy brands such as WE11DONE, CHARLIE LUCIANO, SMFK and Saint Louis.

The shop is decorated in a minimalist style with a grey and white tone. Despite the minimalist style, every corner of the shop is full of ingenuity. The main brands are located on the ground floor, where various trendy items and clothes are displayed. On the first floor, there is a collection of popular workwear brands and a sneaker wall that can only be found in Macau at OldTown, attracting many sneakers lovers to come over and discover the limited editions!

Aside from fashionables, there is also a water bar on the rooftop floor of OldTown where customers can relax, chill and take photos.

As a passionate supporter of local brands, Nic defines a special meaning for this rooftop, which was once offered to an original Macau brand for a press conference and captured a number of media. “We are keen to offer our rooftop for different events to promote any trendy local brands, or even for other industry networking usages,” he says.

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    Rua Direita Carlos Eugénio NO.7/9
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