Located at the colourful Calçada Do Quartel, DOIS Vintage is an exquisite vintage bag store in a two-storey shop house.  Infused with rich Moroccan style, white arches and orange walls, the chic and stylish store embraces a sense of exoticism and warm ambience, where customers can choose their favourite handbags and take photos.

The term “vintage” originated in Japan. Unlike second-hand bags, only second-hand luxury goods can be considered as vintage. The store offers classic and out-of-print brand second-hand bags, as well as a variety of accessories. When customers enter this delicate vintage bag store, they will be served attentively and recommended with suitable products based on their given budget and requirement. Customers are also welcomed to try to carry the bags to get the feel.  The owner of the store believes that the feel can determine customers’ purchase decision and this is essential for a pleasant shopping experience.  You never know what customers want until they try the products.

Regardless of seeking ideal vintage bags, or chatting with the owner about vintage culture, DOIS Vintage should be your top choice!

  • Opening Hours

    12pm – 8pm

  • Location

    Calçada Do Quartel, Taipa


    +853 6655 2539 / +86 180 6385 2382
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