Goa Nights


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Goa Nights has launched a series of special set lunch Thali from 12:00 noon until 2:30 pm on weekdays now. Enjoy and be amazed by the Thali!

Available date:  Tuesdays to Fridays

Time:12:00 noon – 2:30 pm

Price:MOP 98+


Goa Nights is a contemporary Indian tapas bar and restaurant featuring a unique mix of classic and modern Indian cuisine with Goan twists.  Located in the center of Taipa Village, Goa Nights is home to a bohemian bar boasting a variety of energizing craft cocktails.

This 3-storey restaurant boasts a wide selection of bar snacks and large plates to go along with its signature cocktails, including the 2019 new collection of cocktail journey which is inspired by the features of 6 iconic landmark attractions at Goa and Macau respectively, contributing to 6 energising drinks crafted by creative and fresh ingredients.


Macau Series 

1.Ruins of St. Paul’s    


2. Old Taipa Village 


3.Happy Street 



Goa Series

1. Curlies


2. Infantaria


3. Doodh Sagar Waterfall


The other cocktail selection is “Vasco de Gama” which collectively tells the story of the voyage journey of Vasco de Gama, the first European explorer who reached India (Goa) by sea.   This inspiration behind the 9 distinctive cocktails is associated with the 9 cities in the discovery route of Vasco during his trip from Portugal to Goa, from which the restaurant’s name is derived.   Each cocktail carries a spice, fruit or spirit from Vasco’s discovery, and is numbered according to each city shown on the map.

The establishment of Goa Nights contributes a new addition to the restaurant scene of Taipa Village by offering an innovative dining experience to local and international visitors.   This also complements Macao’s designation as a UNESCO Creative City of Gastronomy.

  1. Lisbon 78
  2. Cape Verde Islands 68
  3. St. Helena Bay 68
  4. Mossel Bay 78
  5. Mozambique 78
  6. Mombasa 78
  7. Malindi 68
  8. Calicut 78
  9. Goa 68





No 118 Rua Correria da Silva, Taipa, Macau


Tues – Sun

12:00 nn – 2:30 pm

6:00 pm – 1:00 am

(Closed on Mondays)


+853 2856 7819