Located in a small alley next to Cunha Street at Taipa Village, La Famiglia is an exquisite Macanese restaurant which fosters a convivial family-style atmosphere in homemade style.

The dining areas at ground level and first floor are decorated with dedicated  wine cellars and traditional furnishings in warm tones, offering a comfortable and leisurely environment which is perfect for homemade Macanese dishes and Portuguese wines. The private area on second floor provides an ideal setting for special events and exclusive occasions for groups of up to 25 guests, while the bar on third floor sets to be offering diners a cozy chill out area.

Whatever the age group of your friends and families, La Famiglia’s menu boasts a wide array of Macanese dishes to suit all tastes. Popular dishes include “Sapateira” Stuffed Crab on Shell, Fried Shrimp with Butter Garlic Sauce, Sautéed Clams in White Wine Sauce, Fried Bacalhau “a Brás”, Sautéed Minced Beef, Grilled Angus T-Bone, Portuguese Suckling Pig and also Seafood Casserole.  A generous selection of soft drinks, cocktails and wines are also on offer to round out the menu.

About Florita Alves

Florita Maria Natália de Jesus Morais Alves is one of the most established Macanese chefs in Macau. She became a member of the Macanese Gastronomy Brotherhood in Macau since 2010, performing functions in the Directorate of the association. She is currently the chef consultant of La Famiglia at Taipa Village, mastering the kitchen and food production of the Macanese restaurant.

True to her fame, Florita has been contributing greatly in promoting Macanese culinary and dining culture locally and internationally by sustaining the legacy of Macanese cuisine in Macau’s gastronomic scene.  As a renowned Macanese chef and prominent culinary ambassador in the Macanese community, she has participated in numerous broadcast gastronomic shows & programs, events, workshops and classes held by the government authorities, institutes, media outlets and world-class restaurants, including the two-weeks’ joint-event at Michelin-starred “A Wong” Restaurant in London; European Congress of Confraternities in Food and Wine in Portugal, Belgium and Hungary; collaboration with NHK TV Japan for a series of gastronomy programs; showcase of her signature “Fat Tea Feast” (known as Macau Cha Gordo) in numerous Portuguese gala events in Macau, as well as doing masterclasses at the Institute for Tourism Studies Macau (IFT) for the 2018 Macanese Gastronomy Week.

Her sustainable dedication is a testimony of her culinary excellence in the Macau’s gastronomic industry, exuding a deep influence in the preservation of the unique Macanese culture in the territory after the colonial era.




  • Opening Hours

    Mon – Sun

    12:00 pm – 2:30 pm
    6:00 pm – 10:30 pm

  • Location

    Rua dos Clerigos No.2830, Taipa , Macau


    +853 2857 6131
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