Joker’s Barbershop & Grooming

Joker’s Barbershop & Grooming

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Gentlemen deserves a perfect appearance!

《Barber》is a professional in haircutting, hairdressing , hair grooming, styling and shaving   Barbershop is a place where gentlemen can shape their own classic and premium identity.

Unlike normal hair salons, Joker’s Barbershop & Grooming  offers modern pompadour styling for gentlemen.  Managed by three co-partners Jet, Ming and Maurice, the shop offers cool and trendy hairstyling.  Jet and Ming are skillful on British pompadour hairstyling with classic long brushed back and clear cut lines.  Maurice, who came from TONY & GUY, is an expertise on American pompadour style which is distinguished by its clean, rugged and sharp cut feature – a reflection of rustic street style!

Jet appreciates the unique atmosphere inside Taipa Village which conveys a good mix of heritage and modernity pursued by visitors.   This cultural and artistic ambience can blend with the concept of Joker’s Barbershop & Grooming in sustaining the traditions with modern twist.

Every single detail of the shop, from sofa, ashtray, hair cutter, hair wax to treatment oil, can genuinely reflect the contemporary characteristic that matches the southern European atmosphere of Taipa Village.  Joker’s Barbershop & Grooming serves as a trendy spot to manifest the unique mix of classic retro and modernity.


25 Rua dos Mercadores, Taipa, Ilhas, Macau


Mon – Sun

12pm – 8pm


+853 2882 7383