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Lotus Chicken Shop

Located in a relaxing and leisure street of Rua Dos Negociantes at Taipa Village, Lotus Chicken, a takeaway shop in vivid green façade, promotes delectable and convenient food culture with their signature roasted chicken in different flavours. It offers a handpicked selection of set menus at budgeted prices that meet the taste and needs of food junkies! Its signature pick – honey lemon roasted chicken, is meticulously cooked with perfect temperature, seasoned with salt, pepper, honey, lemon and served with sweet chili sauce.  The entire flavour is appetite-whetting but not greasy. Pairing with a cup of refreshing iced lemon tea, the chicken set is abundant and tantalising.  Chicken sets in larger portions including egg tarts, snacks and mushroom rice are also on offer for customers’ pick.  Aside from roasted chicken, the shop also offers a generous selection of spicy rice noodles with different toppings to serve the needs of hot food enthusiasts.


  • Opening Hours

    Mon to Sun

    11:30 am – 1:00 am

  • Location

    Rua Dos Negociantes no.7, Taipa


    +853 2857 6909
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