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Cultural Heritage Experience

Taipa Village is the historical part of Taipa and the best preserved area in the south of the island. It used to be a fisherman village in Taipa catered for local residents who made a living through fishing, firecrackers production and other handicraft professions. If you are interested to trace back the history, set off your trip with the iconic heritage spots and be amazed by the inspiring history and cultural relics.

  • Breakfast at Tai Lei Loi Kei

  • Vila da Taipa

  • Tin Hau Temple

  • Museum of Taipa and Coloane History

  • Pak Tai Temple

  • Lunch at Portugalia

  • Carmo Hall

  • Our Lady of Carmo Church

  • Taipa Houses-Museum

  • Carmo Garden

  • Iec Long Firework Factory

  • I Leng Temple

  • Blissful Carrot

  • Sam Po Temple

  • Kun Iam Temple

  • Feira do Carmo

  • Cunha Street

  • Dinner at La Famiglia