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I Leng Temple

I Leng Temple, also known as Ka Sing Tong, was built in 1900 and is dedicated to I Leng Da Dai (The Great Emperor of Healing).  Nowadays, it is also the house of many historic relics like long vertical couplets, imperial-style lanterns, shrines and horizontal plaques.  I Leng can refer to any ancient eminent physicians and pharmacists such as Shennong, Hua Tuo and Sun Simiao. The name of I Leng Temple was carved on the monument after the temple’s renovation in 2002.

The present idol of the Emperor of Sacred Doctor in the House was once remoulded. The Emperor of Sacred Doctor is not confined to a certain god, but refers to general sacred doctors, including Hua Tuo, Yan Di, Sun Simiao, Bian Que and etc. In 2002, the original name was discovered while refurbished.


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    Rua Direita Carlos Eugenio
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