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Tin Hau Temple

The oldest Temple in Taipa and was built since 1785, overlooking a strip of seashore at the South, which nowadays has been reclaimed and developed as Cotai area.  The fishermen worshipped Tin Hau for protecting them from bad weather in the sea.

The Temple is only dedicated to the Goddess Tin Hau. Many historical relics have been preserved there.  The existent main palace is dedicated to the Empress, with a lot of cultural relics inside. Besides the ancient bell, there also are decorated gateways, standing tablets, stone or tin incense burners, ancient inscribed boards and incense burner tables. The cultural relics belong to the periods of Qianlong Reign, Dao Guang Reign, Xian Feng Reign, Tong Zhi Reign, Guang Wu Reign and other periods during the Republic of China.

  • Location

    Rua Gov Tamagmin Barborsa, Macau, Taipa
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