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Pak Tai Temple

As one of the remarkable temples in Taipa, Pak Tai Temple has a rich history stretching back to 160 years ago, according to a stele with carved inscription in the temple. A worship pavilion is set up for its followers to put tribute and offerings, which is rarely seen elsewhere on the island. In the old days, most of the population earned a living by fishing and thus they followed the precepts of Pak Tai, or literally known as the Northern Emperor, who is believed to have the divine power to withstand floods and fire, and hence the establishment of the temple. In celebration of Feast of Pak Tai on the 3th day of the 3rd month in Lunar Calendar each year, performances of Chinese opera are usually held in a mat-shed in front of the Temple. Also you can rent a bike nearby and enjoy the tour in this old neighbourhood.

  • Opening Hours

    8.30 am  – 5 pm

  • Location

    Largo Camoes, Taipa, Macau
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