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Taipa Houses Museum

Considered as one of the cultural relics and heritages of the Island, the Taipa Houses-Museum comprises five distinctive green houses with the style of Portuguese architecture , featuring the “Macanese Living Museum”, the “Exhibitions Gallery”, the “Creative Casa”, the “Nostalgic House” and the “House for Reception”. In 1992, the Taipa Houses-Museum was acclaimed as one of in the top eight scenes of Macao for its outstanding beauty and important architectural value. In the old times, a large mangrove swamp was seen adjacent to the Portuguese residential complex. But today the Museum is surrounded by large-scale tourism and entertainment facilities, witnessing the rapid urban development of the island.



















  • Opening Hours

    10 am –  7 pm (last admission until 6:30 pm)

    Closed on Mondays

  • Location

    Avenida da Praia, Taipa
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