Cultural Heritage

5 km 2 hours

Taipa village is the historical part of Taipa and the best preserved area in the south of the island. It used to be a fisherman village in Taipa catered for local residents who made a living through fishing, firecrackers production and other handicraft professions. If you are interested to trace back the history, set off your trip with the iconic heritage spots and be amazed by the inspiring history and cultural relics.

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  • 1 Carmo Hall

    These beautiful two-storey buildings scatter throughout this vicinity. Formerly known as the General Electric Bureau of the Island, Carmo Hall was once the only public power plant to generate electricity for residents in Taipa. In 2007, it was converted to a multi-functional activity centre where cultural performances, recreational events, key-theme talks now occur on a regular basis.

  • 2 Our Lady of Carmo Church

    As a peaceful venue where Catholics can proceed with religious activities or put forward the mission of preaching, the Church stands on a hill overlooking scenic Taipa Village. Wrapped up in light-yellow stucco walls, this unique three-storey house came to a completion in 1885, becoming the sole Catholic Church in Taipa at that time.

  • 3 Carmo Garden

    The garden is considered as one of the eight iconic attractions in Macau representing Carmo area with rich historical value under the recognition of the Macau government. Alongside the mountain sets the Carmo Church and Taipa Houses Museum, with pathways connected to Taipa Village.

  • 4 Taipa Houses Museum

    In 1992, the Taipa Houses-Museum was acclaimed as one of in the top eight scenes of Macao for its outstanding beauty and important architectural value - featuring the “Macanese House”, the “House of the Islands”, the “House of the Portugal Regions”, the “Exhibition Gallery” and the “House for Reception”,

  • 5 Kun Iam Temple

    The Temple was built around the 28th year of Emperor Guangxu’s reign (1902), according to an engraved marble. In the Temple stands a tranquil and valuable Kun Iam statue with burnished gold leaf. Quoted from the Buddhist Scriptures, “Kun Iam” literally means “let’s listen to the miserable voice from this human world” and later becomes a popular doctrine of Chinese folk beliefs.

  • 6 Museum of Taipa and Coloane History

    In this in-house exhibition, a collection of findings and relics uncovered from different archaeological excavations over the past years are displayed on the ground floor. You will sense the wisdom of the early inhabitants through the exhibits.

  • 7 Pak Tai Temple

    As one of the remarkable temples in Taipa, Pak Tai Temple has a rich history stretching back to 160 years ago. In the old days, most of the population earned a living by fishing and thus they followed the precepts of Pak Tai, or literally known as the Northern Emperor, who is believed to have the divine power to withstand floods and fire, and hence the establishment of the temple.

  • 8 Vila da Taipa

    One of the iconic attractions in Taipa Village. Its stunning colonial and Portuguese facade serves as a photo spot for visitors.