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Lifestyle Experience

Taipa Village is an ideal getaway location for leisurely stroll to restore your capacity. Quaint alleys, narrow walking paths, cobblestones, vivid colonial facades, multi-storey Portuguese houses and lamp posts collectively convey a testimony to the village’s past. Follow our leisure spots and activities, take a breath of the fresh air, grap a coffee, shop around and you will find yourself fully rejuvenated.

  • Cycling

  • Naka Shop

  • Kumano Tomahawk

  • Lunch at Tapas de Portugal

  • Taipa Village Art Space

  • Cool-ThingzZ Portuguese Spot

  • Coffee at Fong Da

  • Quarter Square

  • Wong Chi Kei

  • Pastelaria Yeng Kee

  • R-Cherikoff Food

  • Bare Nutrition

  • City Square

  • Rooftop Macau Lifestyle Store

  • Guava Juice

  • Dinner at Goa Nights