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A Date with Chef Antonio

20/07/2019 - 20/07/2019

This summer, Taipa Village is celebrating its culinary excellence with its first ever public culinary showcase hosted by Executive Chef António Coelho from António Portuguese Restaurant.  As an extended activity of the Chef Constellation  (Summer Culinary Programme), this public demonstration aims to promote Portuguese food and culture in Macao and complement Macao’s designation as UNESCO creative city of gastronomy.   The general public will also be able to interact with Chef Antonio and taste his cuisine!

More about Antonio

Antonio Cooking Class


The live demonstration will be complemented by a special guest host Ms. Sofia Paiva, 2017 Miss International Macau. Let’s discover chef’s secret recipe and enjoy a public tasting experience like no other!



Special Guest

Ms. Sofia Paiva –  2017 Miss International Macau

Sofia Paiva, a local born Macanese, will be attending the event as guest host, assisting Chef Antonio to cook his signature dish which will be served to the general public.

Born in a Macanese family, Sofia is bonded with Portuguese and Macanese cuisine which is commonly cooked at home with her family. As a local, she strives to sustain the legacy of Portuguese and Macanese dining culture in Macau – a UNESCO creative city of gastronomy.

In this culinary showcase, Sofia will be able to discover the secret recipes of Chef Antonio who will share his culinary skills and cooking philosophies to everyone in a public outdoor area outside his restaurant, allowing the audience to enjoy the authenticity and essence of Portuguese cuisine.   During the cooking demonstration, she will also be able to identify the difference between Antonio’s dish and her family’s dish in terms of ingredients, recipes and flavour!


Gastronomy Program

Cultural Affairs Bureau: The Macanese Cuisine by Sofia and her Brother




  • Opening Hours

    5:30 pm – 7 pm

  • Location

    No 7, Rua dos Clerigos, Taipa, Macau


    +853 2857 6116
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