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Pier Coffee

Located at the bonding European style alley in Taipa Village, Pier Coffee is an exquisite coffee house which occupies the ground floor of a colonial villa with earth tone furniture, equipment and decoration, offering a relaxed and welcoming environment for gathering or spacing out.

Customers can always enjoy an attentive and observant service. The coffee house owner always serves drinks with appropriate and delicate cups based on customers’ needs. For instance, using pottery cup for customers who are going to spend an hour for tasting coffee in slow pace; or using French press for serving their signature cascara tea to deliver a visual pleasure.

The coffee house’s signature –  ice drip coffee, is made by ehiopia guji natural processed coffee bean and served with ice glass for volatilizing its silky and nuanced flavours. A long tail of chocolate and brandy aroma exudes as the cool liquid slips down your throat. When the liquid gets warmer, it boasts  even more peachy and cherry aroma, followed by a mint flavour spreading across your entire mouth and tongue.

Besides the normal coffee menu including espresso drinks and drip coffee, Pier Coffee offers decaf selections for customers who are sensitive to coffee. Hot chocolate, for instance, brewed by Nigeria cocoa bean and Congo cocoa bean without any additives and sugar, spreads a naturally-rich aroma with heady scent of pure chocolate, topped with latte art and gives additional sensory pleasure to customers. Cascara tea – made by dried pulped skins after the seeds of coffee beans have been removed, and brewed with hot water. This new, exotic drink gives tea lovers an interesting experience with fresh and acid hawthorn flavour.

  • Opening Hours

    Tuesday – Sunday

    12 pm – 5 pm

  • Location

    90 Rua. Direita Carlos Eugenio R/C C
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