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Café Hanoi

Stepping into this modernly-renovated shophouse, Café Hanoi makes you feel like in Vietnam inadvertently, greeted by Vietnamese lanterns and Vietnamese-inspired wall decorations which grabbed your attention.

Premium beef Pho noodles is the soul and spirit of the café. This excellent and delectable Pho is produced by the chef using only the best ingredients with traditional cooking techniques. The mild and freshly cooked golden beef bone broth tastes natural. The broth gently scalds the tender of the flavourful prime raw beef, while the al dente noodles maintain their silky texture. It’s a traditional flavour that goes well with everything and leaves diners in awe.

The café offers diverse Vietnamese cuisine and a variety of noodles, including the affluent “Bun Bo Hue” in addition to the traditional Pho.   Hue, was originally Vietnam’s imperial capital.  Bun Bo Hue literally translates as ‘beef noodle soup from Hue’, paying homage to Hue. The Bun Bo Hue is an ultra-popular rice noodle dish in Vietnam, consists of vermicelli noodles, sliced beef and a spicy, salty, umami-laden broth, conveying a taste of the passion of Vietnamese culture.

Apart from the classic dishes, Cafe Hanoi keeps enhancing and expanding its menu. To advocate Vietnamese barbecue culture, the owner and chef have introduced a range of Vietnamese-inspired barbecue dishes, including tiger prawns and lemongrass beef, that are specifically designed for local preference. The restaurant also offers a range of Vietnamese drinks to complement with Vietnamese dishes, such as coconut iced coffee, lemongrass citron lemon tea and citron lemon coconut drinks.

Cafe Hanoi offers a feast for the senses, enabling guests to engage in spiritual and cultural exchange in addition to savouring genuine Vietnamese food.

  • Opening Hours

    12:15 pm – 9:00 pm

  • Location

    Block A, G/F, 67 Rua Direita Carlos Eugenio, Vila de Taipa


    +853 6300 2166
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