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Drunken’ Tower

Located at Rua do Regedor, Drunken’ Tower is an innovative restaurant and bar serving chinese hot pot and specialty craft cocktails. It aims to create a distinctive “Drunk” atmosphere with special cuisine, drinks, music, bringing customers an unprecedented dining experience in a chinese interior setting. Signature items include cheese lobster casserole, chicken casserole with fish maw and a selection of “Drunken” series cocktails.

Regardless of mini gatherings or celebrative occasions, Drunken’ Tower is an ideal place to unwind with friends.  Let’s embark on the unique “east-meets-west” drunk culture and be amazed.

  • Opening Hours

    12 pm – 4 am

  • Location

    No. 245, 249, Rua do Regedor, Taipa


    +853 2882 5088
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