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Cool-ThingzZ & Portuguese Spot

We are not only cozy souvenir shop! The name “CoolthingzZ&PortugueseSpot” echoes our enthusiasm for offering different with premium quality originally made in Portugal!

We embrace the passion for preserving and disseminating the vast material and immaterial heritage that Portugal carries, also the love towards Portuguese’s history, culture and values; we offer elegant Portuguese products – affordable – that exceed expectation, for people to experience these cool things.

“The generation of each name and handicraft comes from a unique reason and story. Nothing is formed without the process of growth and development.”

A wide range of healthy green products skincare, honey, jams, liquors, snacks, spices as well as handcrafts and home care are displayed harmoniously to create an atmosphere where you can feel its heritage and subtle contemporary twists simultaneously. Example is the world-famous health and beauty brand REAL SABOARIA, its products are inspired by traditional Portuguese artisanal practices, produced by natural fragrance of blooms. Other brand medicinal AREGOS from Douro Memories, its products and formula are made by the thermal water from Douro river, dated back to the historical and cultural reality of the spa on the left bank of Douro, enriched with moisturizing actives that clean, protect and soothe and  as well as preventing dryness and flaking.

Says Sara that through Josefina´s Art you can see renowned painters Pablo Picasso and Juan Miro artists. Josefina Ribeiro created new rhythms and looks for Azulejos. Every abstract creature, flying fishes, music notes ,places, birds and characters painted on her Azulejos, carries its own personality and name; they are not just wall decorations, but also carry different spell for protecting and bringing love to your life.

“We love to create more opportunities for people to taste these niche wine family brands with good quality and good price!” says Sara.

The wine cellar boosts a comprehensive collection of Portuguese wines, including Cartuxa Pera Manca Tinto, one of the shop owner’s most favourite. She also highly recommends some niche, green family-produced wine brands due to their distinctive family characteristic and preference that are fully reflected in the wine, such as CASA D’ ALMEAR which is produced by three generations with family winemaking tradition through continuous experiment, improvement, innovation and winemaking techniques, and now the brand is ready to be revealed to the world, at limited quantity of 12,000 bottles produced each year. Bearing the same vision of sustaining the essence of authenticity the owner meets the wine family’s vineyard to acquire fine wines to Macau market.

The fashion corner offers tempting leather gifts, most of them hand made by Ana a macanese girl with a degree in Fashion. Embroideries, mosaic lamps, fashionable items and accessories which are collected by Sara’s family in order to present a comprehensive collection of cool things to you.

  • Opening Hours

    11:00 am – 10:00 pm

  • Location

    No. 15 Largo Maia De Magalhães, Taipa, Macau


    +853 2857 6873
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