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Taipa Village Cultural Association collaborated with ZINECOOP Hong Kong to introduce a new exhibition in April 2019, entitled “SEE SAW ZINE” which aims to promote local zine culture, individual publishing and facilitate art exchange between Hong Kong and Macau artists. The exhibition showcases an extensive collection of zines and other printed materials in the format of broadsheets and risographs.


“We love, connect & promote independent publishing.” 

ZINECOOP is an organization that promotes local zine culture. They link zinesters, book fairs, zine stores and readers altogether. They help to support any zine problems, such as zine making and distributing.

“ZINE” is derived from “magazine”, a short form of “fanzine”.  It is a handmade, low-cost and low circulated publication which features different topics regarding the society, life, human and many other related issues.  The content is reflected in the form of text, sketches, images, diagrams, photos and illustrations.


Featured Artists: 

Beatrix Pang, a Hong Kong-born visual artist and cultural practitioner, founder of Small Tune Press, an independent art publishing house. She has studied design and photography in both local and international art institutes. Pang is currently a researcher on visual culture study.

Forrest Lau, founder of A Thin Booklet, book designer at Red Publish and graphic designer/illustrator at Yes magazine. Lau is a cinema-goer, a history lover, a graphic  enthusiast, a bookworm and a dreamer, who loves to get fully indulged in the book and magazine art industry.

Ranee Ng, founder of Off the Table, a visual artist who specialises in graphic design, visual  culture and zine publishing.







Art Consultant






17 Apr, 2019 - 12 Jul, 2019


Taipa Village Art Space, 10 Rua dos Clerigos, Taipa, Macau


Mon – Sun

12 pm – 8 pm


+853 2857 6118