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Do you still consider fast food as junk food? Tiger Bite will change your mind by introducing quality fast food culture with their innovative burgers!

“I think taste is a reflection of lifestyle or personality, it should not be limited to any form and any boundary.  Different levels of charm and attitude can be discovered from different food creators. ”

To preserve the authentic taste of Macau with burger culture, the restaurant uses a unique cooking treatment combined with Chinese and Western influences.  The meat filling and sauce, which  are made by local ingredients, demonstrates the nostalgic taste of Macau,  while the bun contributes a fresh and trendy appearance to their innovative burger series “Tiger Bite”.

Their most popular items: TIGER BITE PIG and TIGER BITE DUCK are inspired by the traditional hearty cuisine – Roasted Crispy Suckling Pig and the chef’s life traveling experience. Huge suckling pig pieces are put inside a brioche, the combination is perfect with the flavour of mango chutney sauce which is appetizing, while the rich aroma from the roasted pork  works well with the bun. For TIGER BITE DUCK, the rich flavour from the pan-fried duck confit with black truffles sauce soaks and melts in the mouth at your first bite!

A refreshing beverage after a succulent burger is a must! A fresh mix of three popular traditional snacks inspired by childhood nostalgia – ding ding candy, iced coconut milk and ginger juice have generated a unique texture –  ding ding candy crisp melts on the palate with cool, fresh coconut aroma and an aftertaste of ginger spices.

A vegetarian series is also on offer to provide more healthy options for customers.


  • Opening Hours

    7:30 am – 10:30 pm

  • Location

    2 Rua Dos Negociantes Villa Da Taipa, Ilhas Macao, China


    +853 2853 3079
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