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Taipa Village Art Space

Taipa Village Art Space brings visitors and art lovers on an awe-inspiring journey where they can appreciate an array of art from local and international artists.  Located in a traditional shop house in the epicenter of Taipa Village, the gallery serves as a cultural pilgrimage for visitors’ seeking to escape the hustle and bustle of the city and savour the historic and cultural charm of this landmark destination.  Taipa Village Art Space seeks to promote the cultural and creative industries in Macau, allowing local and international artists to showcase their work under the ideal backdrop of the village’s colourful history and unique heritage, with the aim of raising their talent and exposure.

Since 2017, Taipa Village Art Space has been recognized as one of the 56 local cultural and creative entities in the the Macao Cultural and Creative Map (CCM Map)  released by The Cultural Affairs Bureau.  This inclusion has further reinforced the art space is a distinctive art and cultural spot in Macau, which marks another step in the transformation of Taipa Village into a lively centre for artistic and cultural endeavours, contributing greatly to the development of the cultural and creative industries in Macau.

To cope with the future art and cultural development of Taipa Village, and to optimize the capability and sustainability of our art space, we will be relocating to another location! We look forward to welcoming you soon in our new venue with more exciting art initiatives! Stay tuned for further updates!
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Special Promotion

"Who am I" Video Installation by Allen Wong

Restless Nature -Wooden Sculpture by Tong Chong

Simple things - Sketchbook Drawings by Fan Sai Hong

Imaginary Beings - Illustrations by Ana Aragão

Transience: Daredevils and Towering Webs

P.I.B.G. : On the Verge

“Macau °C” by Blue Chan

《 Dream with Love》 Local Photography Exhibition

Din Dong x Taipa Village Creative Art Exhibition

Degustation - Films by Maxim Bessmertny

Achievement Exhibition of Art Kaleidoscope

Macau’s Firecrackers Industry – New Works by Lio Man Cheong

"Focus & Scatter” Borderless Arts 10th Anniversary Exhibition

Surface Revealed - Drone Photography by Chan Hin Io


What Are You Thinking? Picture Book by Un Chi Wai

Fallen – Printmaking by Bonnie Leong and Kitty Leung

Who heeds a man who sits and wails out in the cold? – Illustrations by Rui Rasquinho

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