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Belmonte Authentic Portuguese Cuisine

Belmonte is an authentic Portuguese restaurant in Taipa Village.  Nestled in the heart of this historical district with impeccable rooftop bar overseeing the cultural charm of Taipa Village, the restaurant offers locals and international visitors alike an innovative dining experience combined with a hybrid mix of eclectic bar concept and tapas!  Belmonte brings a traditional European dining flavour with contemporary and creative twist, adding further diversity to the gastronomic options to Taipa Village.

The restaurant boosts a generous selection of contemporary Portuguese tapas, seafood, meat, rice and desserts to suit all tastes, complemented by a handpicked list of European wines, beers and refreshing cocktails. Diners can relax at the stylish ground floor, enjoy their meals at the cozy dining area on the first floor, or chill out at the exotic rooftop bar overlooking the bustling streets of Taipa Village.

Signature dishes include Fried Prawns with Garlic; Sautéed Clams in Olive Oil, Garlic, Lemon, Coriander and White Wine Sauce; Roasted Portuguese Sausage; Scallops Ceviche with Beetroot, Corn, Avocado & Strawberries; Roasted Cod Fish “Lagareiro” Style with Hot Olive Oil, Garlic and Vegetables; Fried Cod Fish mixed with Fried Onion, Garlic, Scrambled Eggs, Potatoes and Olives; Steak “Portuguese”Style (Brazil Tenderloin); Roasted Suckling Pig with Fried Potato Wedges; Aged House Dried Beef; Portuguese Wet Seafood Rice.


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Have you ever considered hosting your dream wedding in Taipa Village?

A wedding is a once-in-a-lifetime event at which cherished memories are made amongst beautiful scenery, exquisite décor, artistic touches, enchanting surroundings and sumptuous dining.

Taipa Village, home to elegant European architecture and an atmosphere of continental joie de vivre, is the perfect setting for couples to embark on the journey of marriage, weave their stories, and create their magical moments.

The village’s very best dining establishments are at couples’ disposal to bring wedding experiences to life, with bespoke reception planning, unique signature cocktail offerings, fine dining and party hosting in generously proportioned and distinctive indoor and semi-outdoor rooftop spaces. A full suite of additional services and arrangements is offered by each establishment in order to bring a wow factor to your big day and dazzle your VIP guests.

Belmonte, an innovative restaurant offering diners traditional continental fare with a modern twist in a chilled, multi-themed dining environment.

  • Cuisine: Portuguese
  • Space: Ground floor, 1st floor and 2nd floor (with rooftop terrace)
  • Catering style: Cocktails or formal dining (individual set menu or sharing)
  • Capacity per floor:    15 pax for formal dining on ground floor;
  •                                  20 pax for formal dining on first floor;
  •                                  40 pax for cocktail event at rooftop floor
  • Phone   : +853 2845 5168








  • Opening Hours

    Monday – Sunday

    12:00 pm – 12:00 am

  • Location

    Rua dos Clerigos No.47, Taipa, Macau


    +853 2845 5168
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