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KWC (Karaoke World Championships) Taipa Village Cultural Activity

13/07/2016 - 06/11/2016


Taipa Village is delighted to be the culture partner of Karaoke World Championships (KWC) sharing the same goal to promote cultural and creative industries in Macau and Asia by awarding outstanding talents in the music and entertainment industries.  Two significant cultural activities were taken place in Taipa Village on 6 and 20 Aug in collaboration with KWC and their talents.

Enroll / Further Details  :
KWC International Website:
KWC Asia

Macau Audition: 13 & 27 July 2016

Macau Final: Sept 2016

Macau Asia Final: Oct 2016

World Final: 1-6 Nov 2016 (in Vancouver)

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