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Creative Mural at Escada Do Coxo of Taipa Village Demonstrates Portuguese Flair

30/12/2021 - 30/12/2021

In cooperation with the Cultural Affairs Bureau of the Macau SAR, Taipa Village Cultural Association invited two young Macau artists Vitorino Vong and Jane Ieng to beautify the stairs at Escada Do Coxo. This vibrant mural depicts the Portuguese iconic sardines and azulejo, reflecting the unique historical background and culture of Macau.

A fleet of sardines with different colours and patterns are painted on both walls along the staircase. Combined with azueljo painting on the vertical sides of the steep stairs, this entire artistic mural creates a multi-layered impression with great visual impact of Portuguese flair.

Graduated from the Macau Polytechnic Institute with a bachelor’s degree in visual arts, Vitorino and Jane are talented in realistic drawing style. Vitorino began to take part in graffiti creations during his university period.  His works were mainly inspired by his personal interest and different encounters. Dedicated in realistic drawing style, Jane’s works are mostly inspired by her daily life and occurrences which boost her creations in human portraits and pets.  Her scope of works includes sculptures, sketches, illustrations and paintings.

Location: Escada Do Coxo
























  • Location

    Escada Do Coxo, Taipa
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