Nestled in a tranquil alley in Taipa Village, Woop Woop offers a serene dining environment in stark contrast to those at the bustling main streets. The interior décor exudes a touch of vintage and natural style, creating an intimate area to chill and relax.

Woop Woop seamlessly offers all day dining options to meet the craving needs of customers. Alongside the classic Egg Benedict with Salmon and Ricotta Toast with Blueberry, Woop Woop also offers healthy superfood – the Acai Bowl, which boosts exceptional nutritional value and a vibrant visual appeal, making it a healthy, low-calorie, and delicious choice for fitness-conscious customers to replenish their energy for the day. For those who enjoy a sensational taste, you can savour the Crab Meat Linguine. The sauce, which is made with crab meat, carries a rich seafood flavour and blends perfectly with the al dente pasta, creating a wonderfully textured delicacy that offers a truly indulgent experience. In terms of beverages, Sparkling Lemon Americano and Lovebirds Latte offer customers distinct flavour combinations, making the café a perfect destination for your leisurely moments.

Woop Woop exclusively utilises premium ingredients sourced globally. The homemade desserts include a variety of cake rolls in different flavours, including Japanese pistachio, matcha, kiri cream cheese, Valrhona chocolate & banana, black sesame and more.

  • Opening Hours

    8:30 am – 7:30 pm

  • Location

    Beco do Penacho


    +853 6555 6241
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