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Unceasingly Handmade Lemon Tea & Coffee

Unceasingly Handmade Lemon Tea a local craft lemon tea beverage shop in Macau, with its first store located in Areia Preta.   Expanded its business to Taipa Village, nestling in an alley near Cunha Street, the shop is very popular among locals and tourists. In addition to takeaway drinks, the second floor also offers an energizing seating area for customers to relax and enjoy their tea. The shop’s interior decoration is very eye-catching, with fluorescent pink walls adorned with fluorescent green lemon patterns, as well as various interesting local slogans and small games, making it a great spot for taking photos.

The lemon tea beverages are interpreted in diverse flavours, made with fresh and fragrant lemons that are both sour and sweet, refreshing and thirst-quenching. Signature products include Yakult Lemon Tea, Thai Lemon Tea, Signature Thai Lemon Tea, Jasmine Lemon Tea, Pineapple Lemon Tea, and Coconut Lemon Tea. In addition to lemon tea, the shop also offers different flavours of specialty coffee and milk tea for customers to choose from, including YEAH Coconut Latte, Thai Coconut Americano, and Lemon Milk Tea. For customers who enjoy a slight buzz, they can also choose from the shop’s alcohol-infused lemon tea series, with options including lemon tea, coconut water, Hong Kong-style milk tea, or Thai-style milk tea as the base, mixed with various types of whiskey, rum, or vodka, enhancing a perfect balance of tea and alcohol.

  • Opening Hours

    11 am – 10 pm

  • Location

    No. 28, Rua do Retiro, Taipa, Macau
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