Lamgo Coffee & Roasting


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The world’s finest coffee beans!

Lamgo Coffee & Roasting is a leisurely spot where guests can enjoy a soothing cup of exceptional coffee crafted by Lamgo the shop owner. From visiting coffee estates in different regions to selecting refined coffee beans for every single cup for customers, all steps are meticulously completed by Lamgo like a piece of art.

Exploring beans at different levels of fresh fragrance, acidity and sweetness would be a great treat at Lamgo Coffee & Roasting. A comprehensive menu of tempting coffee including modern interpretations of coffee is on offer, from Coasta Rica-Trazzu and Huehuetenango, to classic South Italian Espresso. The signature Iced Drip Coffee ferments for 8 hours, exuding strong and winy flavors.


No. 15 Largo Maia de Magalhães, Taipa, Macau


12:00 pm – 5:00 pm


+853 6683 0098