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Hatago Macau

Located in a tranquil street in Taipa Village, “Hatago” serves as a retreat haven for all travelers to unwind and rejuvenate under serenity.

“Hatago” draws its inspiration from ancient Japan, where weary travelers on horseback could find respite and relaxation. This Japanese-style robatayaki izakaya conveys an inviting ambience with warm Japanese decor and gentle lighting, evoking a sense of belonging and the comfort of home. It is an ideal setting for friends to gather, indulge in delectable Japanese cuisine and beverages, and savour the moments of blissful relaxation after a hectic day.

The menu boasts an extensive array of grilled delicacies, ranging from chicken thigh, chicken liver, and chicken meatball with soft-boiled egg to chicken heart, chicken gizzard, chicken soft bone, chicken breast, and salt-grilled beef tongue. These skewers are meticulously basted with a distinctive sauce during the grilling process, and as the fat drips onto the charcoal, the resulting aroma permeates the air, creating a smoky and flavoursome dining experience.

Additionally, the restaurant offers a diverse selection of sashimi, featuring tuna sashimi sourced from Kyushu, kanburi fish and yellowtail belly from Kagoshima, sweet shrimp from Hokkaido, and local bream from the Shizuoka-Izu area. Each piece of fresh sashimi delights the palate with its delicate sweetness.

One of the signature desserts is milk ice cream accompanied by homemade pudding nestled between thin, crispy, roasted sticky rice cake. Every bite evokes a delightful contrast of textures, and the velvety pudding releases a subtle milk fragrance that encapsulates the taste buds, creating a truly unique sensory experience.

  • Opening Hours

    12 pm – 3 pm;

    6 pm – 2:45 am

  • Location

    No 312 Rua Correia Da Silva, G/F, Block A


    +853 2897 2915
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