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BaoDa Lemon Tea

BaoDa Lemon Tea insists on using 100% citron which boosts a refreshing taste and pleasant fragrance. Citron is recognised as “Lemon Hermes”.  As its name implies, the fruit is supreme and prestigious!   Its peel embraces a unique fragrance, and its vitamin C is several times higher than ordinary yellow lemons. In order to maintain the taste of lemon tea, BaoDa uses ice with a special shape, which can slow down the melting speed of ice cubes and keep the temperature low, so as to avoid the bitter taste when the temperature rises. Combined with the tea base developed in-house, the three elements complement each other and blend perfectly, successfully becoming the focal drink in craft beverage industry in Macau.

Signature items include the classic Yashi Higharoma Lemon Tea, and a variety of Macau-limited creative specials: Pink Pink Lemon Tea, Tangerine Peel Yashi Lemon Tea, Grape Oolong Lemon Tea, Coconut Cocktail Lemon Tea and more. The diversified choices will definitely stay in your mind.

  • Opening Hours

    Monday to Thursday

    11 am – 10 pm

    Friday to Sunday

    11 am – 11:30 pm

  • Location

    No.49, Rua Correia da Silva, Taipa
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