Kumano Tomahawk


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Enjoy amazing Japanese cuisine at a competitive price!

Popular Macau Japanese culinary brand “Kumano” has opened its fourth restaurant at Taipa Village! Since its estabsihment in 2013, Kumano has been striving for innovation, with an aim to offer affordable and creative Japanese food in exquisite quality. Their valuable motto has gained the support from lots of Macau residents and food connoisseurs!

Signature dishes include Japanese omelette, stuffed with a dollop of melted cheese which refreshes your taste buds; Huge Lobster Sashimi Donburi complemented with fresh lobster, sweet salmon salad and colourful crab roe; crazy crispy Grilled Chicken Skin which is perfect to pair with sake, not limited to the shop’s exclusive product – Minced Beef Burritos.




Rua. dos Negociantes, no 7


Mon – Sun

11:30 am – 11:30 pm


+853 2830 3055