Taipa Village History Best Knowledge Competition

Foster sustainable heritage education for the next generation.


Taipa Village Cultural Association announces the launch of a one-week educational program “Taipa Village History Best Knowledge Competition”.  This activity is co-organised with Escola Luso Chinesa da Taipa, with an aim encourage students to participate and win an experience tour entitled “Little Master in Taipa Village”.  


The primary goal of this program is to foster “sustainable heritage” education for students and raise their awareness of the colourful history of Taipa Village, so as to allow them to enjoy the unique experience of the authentic Macau.  During the competition period, a bulletin board will be set up at the designated heritage corner of Escola Luso Chinesa da Taipa, which introduces the interesting stories of selected 13 historical attractions in Taipa Village.


Taipa Village Cultural Association is excited to collaborate with Macau educational sectors in cultivating students with the knowledge of history and culture of this well-preserved heritage destination in a fun-filled format.  This contributed greatly to the mission of Taipa Village Cultural Association in fostering local young talents and cementing Taipa Village as a distinctive community that benefits the entire Macau.   Moving forward, the association will continue to organise further educational programs and activities to raise the next generation.


Taipa Village History Best Knowledge Competition – Details

  1. Participation Method

Students are required fill in the questionnaire papers which are placed at the bulletin board in the heritage corner. Upon completion, the questionnaire will be put in the collection box.


  1. Prizes

20 winners will be selected from the pool of students who got the correct answers.  An experience tour “Little Master in Taipa Village” will be specially arranged for the winners, with offers as follow:

  • Lunch in Tapas de Portugal (Portuguese Tapas Bar and Restaurant)
  • Winner Certificate
  • Gift pack


  1. Timeline

Competition Period                                        27 November – 4 December 2017

Questionnaire Collection                               4 December 2017

Winners Announcement                                11 December 2017


Winner Announcement


27 Nov, 2017 - 05 Dec, 2017