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Tastes of Life Experience

Taipa Village offers a wide variety of bites to amaze your taste buds – from local bakery shops, street foods to a sumptuous selection of coffee and dessert shops that convey a delightful tasting journey for the foodies. The Cunha Street is no stranger to all visitors, offering an array of traditional eateries. Follow our recommended spots to enjoy an opulent feast.

  • Small bites at King’s Lobster

  • Tuga & Lola Wine & Tapas

  • Tian Mo Fang

  • Rooftop Macau Lifestyle Store

  • Sei Kee Cafe

  • Shake Shake Homa

  • Honest Pizzeria

  • Macau Yathengtong Bakery

  • Serrdura

  • Lemon Cello Gelato

  • Happy Hour - Tapas de Portugal