Taipa Village CTM FREE Wi-Fi

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CTM FREE Wi-Fi service is now available in Taipa Village!

To speed up the development pace of “Digital Macau”, CTM has been actively expanding the coverage of CTM Wi-Fi hotspots, and is devoted to provide high-quality wireless broadband service to public.

Since June 2017, the CTM Wi-Fi hotspots are available in the merchants located at Cunha Street (Rua do Cunha) and Dibao Street (Rua do Regedor) in Taipa Village, residents and tourists upon login SSID: CTM-WIFI-FREE at the merchant within Taipa Village, press” Login” to enjoy 60 minutes of CTM WIFI service for free at each hotspot.

Macau received over 30 millions of tourists every year; Taipa Village is one of the popular tourists’ spots. Under the trust and support of the Macao Economic Services and the collaboration of merchants within the Taipa Village, CTM Wi-Fi service are now available at around 50 merchants within the area which can accommodate the concurrent use of over 5000 smart devices. This will fulfill customers’ need of high-speed Wi-Fi service while stimulating the e-commerce activities.

The launch of CTM Wi-Fi hotspots in Taipa Village, residents and tourists from all over the world could enjoy the high-speed Wi-Fi experience provided by CTM, which helps promote the image of Macau as a tourism city and further stimulates e-commerce activities.


08 Jun, 2017


Taipa Village - Cunha Street & Dibao Street