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Wong Chi Kei

Wong Chi Kei is a local traditional eatery which has been opened in Macau for half century.  The founder of the restaurant, who learnt the skill of making bamboo noodles from an expert in Guangzhou, introduced these noodles and developed them in Macau.   At present, the tradition of flavour is still well-preserved.

Aside from their signature “bamboo noodles with shrimp roe”, Wong Chi Kei also provides traditional Cantonese home-styled dishes such as silky beef congee, crunchy beef ball, alluring roasted pork rice and more.

  • Opening Hours

    Mon – Sun

    11am – 9pm

  • Location

    Rua do Cunha, no. 21, Taipa, Macau


    +853 2836 1373
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