Tuga & Lola Wine & Tapas

Tuga & Lola Wine & Tapas

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“We all deserve to discover and drink great wine at the price that supposed to be”! To adhere this principle, Tuga & Lola Wine & Tapas keeps exploring rare, high quality Portuguese wine and Spanish wine to broaden customers’ selection.

Monica, the owner of Tuga & Lola Wine & Tapas, is not impressed with the limited choice of wine selection in Macau. To satisfy the desire of discovering wine, Monica and her husband travel to Portugal and Spain to obtain first-hand, rare and good quality brands, and source organic products directly from wine suppliers who share the same passion.

Monica loves to display new wines in her little shop every two weeks for creating new surprise to customers. Customers can also zip a glass of any wine they feel interested in, pairing with hams, cheese or tapas.

Besides offering a wide range of wine including red wine, white wine, organic wine and more, Tuga & Lola Wine & Tapas also offers catering service, delivering great memories to guests in different occasions.


Rua dos Clerigos No.6. Taipa


Mon – Sun

12:30 pm – 9 pm

(Closed on Tues)