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The Old Macau Restaurant

2019 Michelin-Recommended Hou Kong Chi Kei Restaurant helmed by owner and Chef Chan, has been re-branded and relocated to Taipa Village with the establishment of The Old Macau Restaurant. It is now ready to satisfying your nostalgic flavour!


“The secret to authentic Macau dishes is here!  What we serve is the geniue flavour of Macau rather than Portuguese, Macanese or Cantonese flavours.”


Without any formal culinary training in traditional Cantonese cuisine, Chef Chan uses his creativity to amaze guests with new recipes while preserving the traditional Cantonese cooking method. Rather than cuisine, Chef Chan tends to describe his dishes as a group of intelligence emerged from the Macau folks, which plays an important role in sustaining the legacy of Cantonese cuisine and ancestral recipes with modern twist.  Braised Mud Crab with Fresh Mushroom and Sake, for instance, a delicious and refreshing combination which offers more delectable flavour than pan-frying with ginger and garlic and has been adored by many customers. Other must-try dishes on the menu include the grilled big eye chicken, fried crispy fish ball stuffed with taro, Portuguese dumplings and braised pomelo pith with shrimp roe, which boost the true essence of Macau nostalgic flavour.


  • Location

    9 Largo dos Bombeiros, Macao


    +853 6276 7143
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