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Seng Pan Tea Shop

Back to the old days, experience the authentic local tea culture!

Located at Calçada do Quartel, Seng Pan Tea Shop specialises in traditional tea and milk tea with a vision of preserving the most authentic tea culture in Macau. Gary Chio, the marketing & training director who embraces more than 30 years of industry experience, recalls that there used to be many traditional tea shops in Macau in the past. As the social rapid development and the change of food culture, he sighs about the recession of the traditional tea industry. In order to preserve and inherit this unique tea culture, Seng Pan strives to deliver the most authentic tea tasting experience and establish the business at Taipa Village. The owner believes that the relaxed atmosphere and historical elements would add value and match its business vision.

While tasting the tea and enjoying the tea fragrance, customers can explore the interior setting and the decoration. From the old recorder inherited from the owner’s grandparents, classical vinyl records to decades old Chenqi (tangerine peel), every item can tell a story. The new generation customers can know more about Macau history through chatting with the owner, while seniors can gather collective memories at this nostalgic tea shop.

True to its name, the Seng Pan signature milk tea and HIT ginger milk tea are the must-try items. A cup of perfect milk tea requires to mix with three different Sri Lankan tea leave, including broken orange pekoe (for aroma), broken orange pekoe fanning (for balance), and dust (for colour). With this high standard tea-brewing process, top-quality milk tea with a smooth texture and good colour is generated. HIT ginger milk tea is made with ginger juice squeezed from Yunnan small yellow ginger, combined with the silky milk tea. Ginger tastes spicy but never cover the tea flavour, which is good for ladies who easily feel cold in winter.

Seng Pan Tea shop also boasts a wide range of signature dishes such as Iberian pork chop bun with Q sauce, black truffle sauce bun, crispy bun with butter and pineapple bun with supreme French butter slice. For customers who are health-oriented, cannot miss the Mr. Tong Gan Pu Tea! This tea leaf mixes with the fruity flavor of XinHui’s tangerine peel and the sweet aftertaste of Yunnan’s Pu’er, which is good for the digestive system and detoxification.

  • Opening Hours

    9am – 6 pm

  • Location

    No.5, Calçada do Quartel, Taipa
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