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OPPA Chicken

As a recent addition to Taipa Village dining scene, OPPA Chicken brings contemporary Korean food to the village. The most important feature of Korean food is the sweet soy sauce, which is extremely different from the fresh and light flavour of Cantonese dressing. To dazzle guests with a more exciting flavour, the restaurant owner modified  his Korean recipes, by mixing the Korean soy sauce with local spice and using the freshest seasonal ingredients from local market. The exquisitely balanced flavour has attracted a lot of guests.

Restaurant consists of 3 floors, guests are encouraged to enjoy the delights with the village enchanting skyline and sunshine at the rooftop. Signature dishes including Korean chicken with beef sauce, kimaba with chesse stuffing, Korean handmade meatball spaghetti, grilled Boston lobster and rainbow smoothie.

The owner of Oppa Chicken believes that Taipa Village is the place where the multiculturalism and unique atmosphere echo the restaurant’s mission – “delivering wonderful ambience and food that perfectly blend the dining culture of Korea and Macau.”  Therefore, he opened the restaurant in the village, with an aim to contribute further to the cultural and dining diversity of Macau.

  • Opening Hours

    Mon – Sun

    11:00 am – 02:00 am

  • Location

    No 52, Rua Correia da Silva, Taipa
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