Naka Shop

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“Art is exalted, and it is hard to obtain.” To break this perception, Naka Shop, a Macau’s original design house which is popular for its hand carry bag and floral pattern, opened their first store at Taipa Village,  offering exquisite and delicate  handicraft products.

To create unique cloth products, the owners of Naka Shop travel around the world to collect refined  cloth and connect with a lot of like-minded handcraft artists. Aside from the original designed and handmade products, customers can also hunt for crossover collections which are co-designed by Singapore artisans and Malaysian artisans.  Therefore, the shop comprises of a wide range of unique and stylish cloth bags, accessories, blessing cards, patchwork puppets and felted wool dolls.

Patchwork and sewing workshops are also held from time to time for handcraft lovers to exchange experience and skills at Naka Shop.


Rua dos Negociantes, no.2, Taipa, Macau


Mon – Sun

12pm – 7:30pm