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Muse by Pace

Muse by Pace, the sister brand of a local sought-after specialty coffee shop Pace, is located at a hidden corner in Taipa Village.  It strives to sustain the vision of people-oriented connection, delivering the most unforgettable specialty coffee experience.

Giving up the bustling main streets and choosing a shop located at Largo da Ponte Taipa (near the Escola Luso-Chinesa da Taipa), the owner, Danilo, picked this cozy and quiet corner of Taipa Village, hidden but worthy for discovery. As the slogan of Muse by Pace implies “I drink therefore I think”, whether you are inspired by a moment of coffee time, or refresh your mind to enjoy a cup of coffee, Muse by Pace is willing to be your energy boosting station, providing a spiritual leisure space for busy urbanites and travellers, allowing you to take a short break and have a drink.

Customers can always be impressed by the attentive and professional service.  Barista will take the lead to understand the taste and needs of the customers and recommend the most suitable drinks.  During the conversation, the relationship between the customers and the barista will get closer. Specialised in pour over coffee and espresso, Muse by Pace remains its solid serving style by presenting the classic coffee without fancy gimmicks, conquering customers with high-quality ingredients and professional brewing skills.

To complement with coffee, a variety of sweet and savoury snacks are on offer as well, including salmon roe black truffle apple crab open sandwich, earl grey chiffon cake and dark beer cocoa hazelnut brownies. Regardless of the light meal at lunch time or afternoon tea sweet craving, your appetite and heart can always be satisfied.

Various joint activities are also held from time to time, such as mini live music gatherings.   By introducing different lifestyle elements to gather coffee lovers, Muse by Pace hopes everyone can find their muse time here.

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    Largo da Ponte No. 63 AA, Taipa
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