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MCT Tea Shop

MCT : Macau + Coloane + Taipa

Located at an inviting alley in Taipa Village, MCT, a local famous tea brand, introduces a healthy tea style to Taipa Village. The name of the store is the abbreviation of Macau, Coloane and Taipa. As its name derived, you can feel the Macanese elements in every corner of its interior, including the European style architecture, signature bus stop sign and Portuguese cobblestone streets, which collectively evoke a strong indigenous atmosphere of Macau culture.

In order to create healthy and additive-free specialty drinks, MCT insists to cook the syrup with natural sucrose and crystal sugar instead of artificial fructose. The tea shop’s original signature – coconut milk tea, is full of coconut flavour. Using the green tea jelly as the base, paired with milk and coconut water, topped up with sticky milk foam and crispy coconut flakes, this rich tea texture blooms your taste buds.   Another signature highlight is Shiratama Dango (Japanese mochi), which is made with milk foam with covered with soy flour. Combined with homemade tofu pudding and jelly, it is not only fulfilling the need for milk tea craving but also meet the requirement of the healthy-oriented customers.

Besides the normal tea drink, MCT offers summer dessert selections for customers who go beyond the traditional beverage. Combining 8 different ice items and milk tea, Dango Wonderland is a perfect treat for your summer time!

  • Opening Hours

    11am – 9pm

  • Location

    Rua Das Gaivotas No. 15, Taipa


    +853 6889 9881
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