JOC Square


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JOC Square is a local design shop which advocates the art of design, and the spirit of originality.  The shop is established by the award-winning and world-acclaimed Macau designer Joaquim Cheong who has won over 300 international and local design awards, and was also the winning designer of the “Macau Outstanding Talents Award Scheme” in 2014 and 2016 respectively.

“JOC” is named after the abbreviation of the designer’s Portuguese name “Joaquim” and his surname “Cheong”, while “O” indicates the combination of “J” and “O” when both letters are placed against each other.  True to its name, “JOC” implies the philosophy of starting thing from a simple point. Once every single point is completed properly, a good outcome can be generated. The design of the shop is characterized by distinguished square features which can be discovered on the façade, window frames, spot lights, telephone as well as the handrail of the staircase so as to reconcile its name.

The shop comprises of both designer products and unique art collectible exhibits.  Bearing the slogan of “The selling of culture and spirit”, customers are able to discover the products of the “Batata”, which was accredited with the Gold Award by the American Design Magazine “Graphics” as an original design brand.  “Batata” is represented by a premium collection created by Joaquim, including handmade cookies, tee, postcard, coaster and magnet. Another spotlight of the shop is the “Chinese Calligraphy” poster which was accredited with the Chicago “Good Design” award, and was artistically presented as a key chain to convey the “spirit” of design.

The artworks, which were created by Joaquim, were specially framed and neatly placed at the corner of the stairs where a unique blend of east and west is gracefully presented. Every collectible obtained by Joaquim around the world, from an ancient typewriter to over a century-old ink-making mold, is telling a story of its own in the corner.  Every object and every brand reflects a testimonial past and represents a story with spirit and soul behind it.


No 69, Correia da Silva, Taipa, Macau


11:30 am – 8:00 pm

(Closed on Wednesdays)


+853 2857 6646