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Hawaiian Poke Bowl Macau

Hawaiian Poke Bowl Macau, which established its first takeaway store in Macau in 2018, is now delivering the American gastronomy culture to Taipa Village!

Hawaiian Poke originated from the ancient Hawaiians who pickled the freshly caught fish with sea salt, seasoned and served with fresh vegetables and rice.  Since then, it became the most iconic food in Hawaii. With its tasty flavour and high nutrition, the owner who used to stay in the U.S., introduces this healthy cuisine to Macau. To adapt to the local dining habit, the flavour of the poke bowl is slightly adjusted to cope with the Asian market, while the food selection is also extended to salad bar which offers options of different ingredients, as well as a variety of specially-designed nutritious salad. It not only fulfills the needs of customers who pursue delicacies but also meets the expectation of the local market in terms of health.

Burgers are the most significant items in American food culture. From irresistible premium sirloin steak to the aroma of beef, its best-seller homemade beef burger is going to wow you with its classic and delicious flavour. Another iconic offering, Taco, provides a selection between beef and chicken, and topped up with appetite-whetting sauce. This perfect combination is beyond words.

Hawaiian Poke Bowl offers self-pickup and takeaway delivery service. Guests can immerse into the gastronomy world of American delicacies days and nights!










  • Opening Hours

    Monday to Sunday

    11am – 9pm

  • Location

    Rua de Sao Joao, No. 25, Taipa


    853 6251 6267
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