Hakuan Japanese Takeaway House


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MENYA KOKUKEIKA, a ramen house which is popular amongst Macau office people, has introduced  Hakuan at Taipa Village their expanded Japanese takeaway house .


“Taipa Village is an ideal place for setting up Japanese takeaway house as it is located between Cotai  area and the neighborhood.  It is a very convenient location which caters for all demographics –  from families with small children to office people. We feature a trio combo of casual Japanese meals including donburi, udon and snacks, offering more options for customers’ lunch break and late night supper.”


MENYA KOKUKEIKA is originally focused on ramen made with traditional techniques and ingredients from Japan. Other than their signature ramen, the chef accidentally found that their black curry donburi series is also very popular among students and office people. To target this segment with special preference on rice, the ramen house set up another Japanese takeaway house and expanded the menu with different portions, offering tasty, convenient, affordable and classic takeaway meals.


Popular items include Japanese Black Curry Donburi with pork or beef, the meat is deliciously tender accompanied by the sauce which boosts a rich and hot aroma. Another hot donburi is Beef Rice with Ginger Sauce, the succulent and sweet beef is braised with mushroom, ginger juice and supreme soup.  Other deep-fried dishes which are perfect to pair with donburi are Fried Purple Sweet Potato and Deep-fried Oysters.


2 Rua Dos Negociantes Villa Da Taipa, Ilhas Macao, China


Mon – Sun

12:00 pm – 0:00 am


+853 2857 0680