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Life is not easy.  If you can discover the pleasure in your life, you will become a happy person.  There is a Portuguese spot just for you, welcomig you at Taipa Village with the touch of Portugueuse flair.

This warm, cozy store is managed by Sara and her Portuguese family. In embracing the passion for Portuguese craft traditions and values, every single item in the store is made traditionally with natural materials from Portugal, offering you an authentic Portuguese selection.

A wide range of skincare, tea, pastries, souvenirs and other traditional Portuguese delicacies are all directly imported from Portugal, such as the world-famous health and beauty brand LOVE LUSO. All products are inspired by traditional Portuguese artisanal practices, utilizing 100% natural herbs and spices in Portugal which are suitable for all skin types. The refined and ingenious canned seafood, which is made at The Comur-Murtosa Canned Factory, is well-known for its canned eels,typically handmade with natural preserved pickled sauce.

The wine cellar on the first floor boosts a comprehensive collection of Portuguese wines, ranging from top-shelf bottles to quality wines for everyday enjoyment.  The handicraft studio at the top floor,offers tempting leather gifts, embroideries, mosaic lamps, fashionable items and accessories which are handmade by Sara’s family and the artists in Macau and Hong Kong.




Rua das Gaivotas No 2, Taipa, Macau


12:00 pm – 9:00 pm

(off on Tues)


+853 2857 6873