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Chai Café

Chai Café, the latest rooftop coffee shop, has landed in Taipa Village! Walking into the open roof decorated with bohemian style, you will be greeted by a broad and unobstructed view, bathed in warm sunlight, less cramped and more comfortable.

Chai implies tea in India. The owner of Chai Café aspires to create a tea & coffee boutique shop that will gather all kinds of tea junkies and coffee culture enthusiasts. Specialty coffee and milk teas are the mainstays in the store. The signature Chai coffee, infused with Masala Chai, generates a strong cinnamon flavour.  When sipping, your mouth will burst with the rich aroma of spice and coffee at the same time, which is unique.

In your spare time, apart from coffee, tempting desserts cannot be missed! Chai Café bakes crunchy puffs daily that are crispy outside and soft inside. A selection of flavours include Earl Grey, Cookie, Matcha and Chocolate, wrapped in different crispy fillings to savour your taste buds. During weekends, limited quantities of Canelé and Japanese Milk Pudding are on offer.

Let’s grab a sip of coffee and a bite of pastry, nestled on the rooftop floor overlooking the stunning view of Taipa Village to feel the leisure time.  Chill and relax!

  • Opening Hours

    12:30 pm – 8 pm

  • Location

    Calcada do Quartel No.9, Taipa
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