“Not only provides takeaway service, the popular local coffee brand blooom strives to deliver an appealing coffee tasting experience which allows customers to feel the process – from roasting, cupping, brewing to tasting and exploring.”

True to its widespread quality,  the brand collaborated with Harley Davidson to set up Black at Taipa Village, bringing this innovative coffee experience to all coffee lovers.


“Anyone who is obsessed in coffee deserves a ravishing tasting experience!”

Through Black, blooom aims to provide a convenient and  comprehensive experience to niche, hustle and international visitors including office people, local residents who are not familiar with coffee, as well as those visitors who are staying at Taipa Village for a short break.  Therefore, Black serves as a mini coffee house.  Aside from takeaway service, it also offers single origin which allows customers to select their favourite beans. The barista is also qualified to provide recommendation to fit customer’s need with a variety unique and wonderful flavours, from floral and fruity aroma, to acidity and sweetness, ensuring every customer receive an exclusive coffee attached to their taste.


“We prefer using fresh roast flavour than using place of origin for communicating with customers.”

Different from normal coffee culture in Macau, Blooom persists using the best quality specialty coffee beans that can be fully traced, and roasted locally, so as to retain the flavour and freshness. Roasting is both an art and a science that require an expert barista to bear with the ability to “read” the beans and play around with the flavour of the roast. Their long lasting floral and sweet aroma, as well as its acidity are highly praised and appreciated by the customers.


“Escalating customer’s taste while improving industry quality.”

As a professional trainer certified by Specialty Coffee Association of Europe, the shop owner regularly provides internal training that cover the areas of barista skill, grinding & brewing, roasting, sensory evaluation, coffee cupping and bean classification. The brand offers a stage where talented baristas can develop and showcase their skills, understanding customers’ needs,  and coaching them to explore their own flavours. This allows them to prepare coffee properly and efficiently, creating excellent atmosphere and coffee experience for customers.

A wide range of peripheral commodities such as superb chocolates from Hungary and Madagascar, mugs, brewing equipment and beans are also displayed at the shop for customers to select.  This can encourage customers to brew their own coffee even at home.

  • Opening Hours

    Mon – Sun

    11 am – 7:30 pm

  • Location

    Rua De S. Joao N∘79, Res-Do-Chao A, Taipa-Macau SAR
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