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Almost Dawn

Almost Dawn, a Japanese Koppepan takeaway shop excelling in hot dog buns, introduces a “grap-and-go” dining style to Taipa Village. The name of the store is inspired by the owner’s personal past occurrence when once she recovered her mindfulness by looking at the sky before dawn during a period in despair. Aside from selling the signature buns, a selection of handicraft products by Macau artists are also on offer to promote the local craftsmanship.

Customers can choose from a generous selection of  sweet or savory filling, including the signature Yakisoba Pan, fried noodles bun which is inspired by the Japanese comics. This creative bun is piled with pan-fried soba, fresh vegetables, rich bonito flakes topped up with  appetite-whetting sauce, conveying a perfect combination beyond words. For ladies, nutella crisp bun is a must-try. The rich nutella crisp with sweet cream delivers a delectable flavour. By pairing with a stovetop coffee, your taste bud will never be disappointed.


  • Opening Hours

    Monday to Sunday

    11 am – 7 pm


  • Location

    No 171, Rua Correia da Silva, Taipa


    +853 6330 0955
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